When will the "All Facility Stickers" be available?

New stickers will be issued starting in mid March of each year and current registrations are needed. Standard Permit - $75, Senior Permit - $30, resident must be 65 by June 30 of current year.

Where to Purchase: Town Clerk’s Office, 41 Highland Avenue and the Department of Public Works, 91 Cedar Street. Stickers will be sold at the Health and Recreation Fair in March, the only weekend hours.

Residents can also purchase stickers through the mail. Make checks payable to the Town of Cohasset, mail to Town Clerk’s Office, 41 Highland Avenue. Please include the appropriate fee, a copy of your current registration and a self-addressed return envelope. Permits my also be ordered online on the Unipay website. 

Stickers are valid April 1 till March 31 and will allow access to the following places: - Recycling Transfer Facility - Sandy Beach - Sailing Club / Government Island - Yacht Club - Black Rock Beach - Parking at all other areas in town that require a sticker. In addition to the sticker, when going to the Recycling Transfer Facility (RTF) residents are required to purchase blue Pay-Per-Throw trash bags in which to dispose of all trash that cannot be recycled. These bags will be offered at the Department of Public Works building and various locations throughout the town.

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