FY 2024 Select Board Goals

Proposed 2023-202Select Board Goals


Goal 1: Capital Financial Planning

For Fall Town Meeting, pursue the following, including financing, relating to:

o    A roads and sidewalk plan, including deciding upon regional sewer;

o    A full scope fields and recreation project (tennis courts, Beechwood playground, Deer

Hill field, and lacrosse wall);

o     A repair schedule, and initial repairs, as well opportunities relating to our Town Hall, police, and fire station; and

o    A repair schedule, and initial repairs, for our schools as well as a feasibility study for our Middle/High School with certain guardrails.

Pursue the above options in tandem with financial planning process as follows:

o     Finalize the above proposals in consultation from the respective committees (School Facilities, School Committee, Roads and Sidewalks, CPC, etc.), and the Select Board by the end of August;

o     Consult  with  the  Advisory and  Capital  Budget  Committee  in  late  August/early


o     Hold public forums and engage in public outreach in September and October; and o       Hold a Fall Town Meeting and election in mid-November.


Goal 2: Zoning Bylaw Reforms

Continue to pursue zoning bylaw reform and prioritize such reforms, including the timing of such reforms to be brought before Fall or Annual Town Meeting

Support the study of a new or enlarged historic district(s)


Goal 3: Community Engagement

Support  community events, including a Town parade and consider other events such as a Winter Carnival, Fourth of July Fireworks, a Town Hall Haunted House, or other options. The Select Board will also disseminate a monthly report on our activities.



Goal 4: Town Meeting Preparation

Execute a specific time and action plan for Fall 2023 Special Town Meeting and Spring

2024 Annual Town Meeting so that warrant preparation and review is timely for all board and committee review. Schedule targeted dates for Article review with the Advisory

Committee, Capital Budget Committee, Community Preservation Committee, Zoning

Bylaw Group, and Town Finance Department to ensure all parties have sufficient time for review and deliberation.

FY 2024 Goals