Sidewalks, Safety, and Connectivity Committee

The SSCC will require assistance and input from a wide cross-section of Cohasset departments including but not limited to the Department of Public Works, Recreation and School Leadership. The SSCC may require and request funding for outside consulting, engineer and planning resources. The SSCC will be comprised of nine (9) Cohasset residents, including six (6) residents at large, one (1) representative from the Planning Board or Open Space & Recreation or Recreation Commission Member, one (1) representative from the Capital Budget Committee, and one (1) representative from the Select Board. Citizen at large positions shall be distributed throughout town to encourage a broad community perspective. 

Accordingly, new applicants will be prioritized based on their location in Town to ensure all areas of Cohasset are represented. The Cohasset Director of Public Works, or other staff member assigned by the Town Manager, will serve exofficio and be responsible for convening meetings and moderating discussion. SSCC shall meet no-less than once per month and provide updates to the Select Board as requested.

The SSCC shall target February 1, 2023 to submit a preliminary report outlining next steps. Agendas and dates shall be posted and minutes kept in accordance with Open Meeting Law. The SSCC will have advisory authority only and have no authority to approve projects or funding. The Study Committee will recommend to the public parent boards the actions necessary to achieve progress in improving sidewalk condition, overall safety and accessibility. Adopted by Cohasset Select Board – Nov 1, 2022

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Sidewalk photo on Sohier Street, Cohasset, Massachusetts
Members Email Position Term Start Term End
    Citizen at Large    
Francis Cicchetti    Citizen at Large 3/7/2023 3/7/2024
Capital Budget Rep.    
Victoria Hanna   Citizen at Large 1/10/2023 1/10/2024
Robert Mulhall   Citizen at Large 3/7/2023 3/7/2024
Justin L. Pimpare Chair, Citizen at Large 1/10/2023 1/10/2024
Julie V. Rollins Citizen at Large 3/7/2023 3/7/2024
Paul Grady Jr. Select Board Liaison 11/1/2022 11/2/2023