Historical Commission Projects

Historical Commission Projects 

MACRIS Inventory of Cohasset’s Historical Assets, 1973 to present National Register of Historic Places Listings:

Caleb Lothrop House, Summer St., 1976


Cohasset Common Historic District, 1978, 1996


Government Island Historic District, 1994


Josephine M. Hagerty House, Atlantic Ave., 1997


Central Cemetery, Joy Place, 2003


Bates Ship Chandlery/Maritime Museum, Elm St., 2003


Captain John Wilson House, Elm St., 2003


Pratt Building, South Main St., 2006


Captain’s Walk, 1983


Minot’s Lighthouse Watch Room Replica, 1989


Repairs to Beechwood Cemetery receiving tomb, 1989


Committee on Town History publications:


Volume III of Narrative History of Cohasset: 1950-2000 (2002)


Treasury of Cohasset History (2005)


Savor of Salt: An Anthology of Cohasset History (2006)


Exploring Historic Cohasset: 10 Tours and Concise History (2008)


Origins of Cohasset: The Land and Its People (2012) Captain John Smith Day, 400th anniversary celebration, 2014

Captain John Smith and Quonahassit Indian interpretive signs for Lawrence Wharf, 2014


Large bronze plaque commemorating visit of Captain John Smith to Cohasset, 2014


Small bronze plaque for Lawrence Wharf Pavilion, 2015


Beacon Rock Sign, 2017


Bronze Plaque for Government Island Historic District, 2018


Sign for Minot’s Watch Room Replica, 2018


Lighthouse Engineer’s Office Sign, 2019


Oil House Restoration and bronze plaque, 2020


Fishermen’s Well, 2020