Roads and Sidewalks Committee seeking members

Sidewalk photo on Sohier Street, Cohasset, MassachusettsThe newly charged Roads and Sidewalks Committee is looking for members! Please see the following statement from Select Board Member Paul L Grady Jr. If you are interested in joining the newly formed committee, please click this link: Form Center • Cohasset, MA • CivicEngage ( 

Greetings Cohasset: 

We are looking for volunteers from all four corners of Cohasset to donate a small amount of time for the betterment of Cohasset by joining our new Roads and Sidewalks Committee.  

Having listened to your concerns regarding the road and sidewalk conditions that currently exist in our town, the Select Board has made it a priority to work collaboratively with all our residents to fully prioritize and address concerns that are important to all of us.  

We have had many suggestions for the betterment of our roads and sidewalks from every demographic in Cohasset and they all are important. We hope to come together as one town, to analyze, prioritize and create a plan of action that will not only improve our roads and sidewalks but will have the added benefit to potentially create new pathways that will open the town up more to our residents, who want to walk safely along our roadways. 

Please consider volunteering for this Committee. Now is your opportunity to be heard. If interested please click the link which will take you directly to the Cohasset Committee Application form: Form Center • Cohasset, MA • CivicEngage ( 

  Make sure you check the box labeled Roads and Sidewalks Committee.  


Roads and Sidewalks Committee Charge