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The School Facilities Committee (“SFC”) will serve at the direction of the Cohasset School Committee (“CSC”) and work with the Superintendent of Schools, Town Manager, and other town personnel, committees, and consultants to advance the goals of the CSC relative to the addition, renovation, and/or construction of new school facilities in the district.  The SFC will provide updates to the CSC and the Board of Selectmen as requested, but not less than once a month.  

The following goals were voted and adopted by the Cohasset Board of Selectmen and the Cohasset School Committee: 

1. All school facilities should be a safe, functional, flexible, and accessible space which will meet the needs of the Cohasset Public Schools for the next several decades.  

2. All school facility designs will seek to preserve, to the extent practicable, Cohasset’s architectural and natural aesthetic. 

3. All feasible and suitable locations for new school facilities may be considered, but special consideration should be given to current loci.   

4. Special consideration will be given to technology and the various ways in which technology can be incorporated into any new facility as to enrichen the learning environment for students and the teaching environment for staff. 

5. Special consideration will be given to safety and how various design modifications may provide for a more secure, but simultaneously easily evacuated building.  

6. Special consideration will be given to various “green” building methods, materials, and designs, and outdoor learning spaces will be incorporated into any final design. 7. The SFC will seek to maximize contributions from various public entities, including the Massachusetts School Building Authority. 

8. The SFC will keep the community-at-large informed of its progress and intentions throughout the entire process. 

Adopted and approved by the Cohasset Board of Selectmen on June 23, 2020, Adopted, and approved by Cohasset School Committee on July 8, 2020

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