Cohasset Harbor Committee


The Harbor Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Select Board and the Town Manager concerning the operation and condition of the Harbor. The Harbor Committee works to implement the goals and recommendations identified in the 2020 Cohasset Municipal Harbor Plan. The Committee has two established working groups: the Cohasset Harbor Infrastructure Planning (CHIP) Working Group and the Cohasset Harbor Governance (CHG) Working Group. 

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Harbor Committee Meetings

  • 7:00 PM
  • Third Wednesday of every odd month: January, March, May, July, September, and November. 
  • Subcommittee and other meetings are held regularly - see Agenda Center for current information.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available within 48 business hours before the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Overview of the Committee


The Cohasset Harbor Committee consists of nine members who are appointed by the Selectmen and is organized as follows:

  • Two citizens-at-large who serve three-year terms.
  • One representative of the Yacht Club.
  • One representative of the Sailing Club.
  • Two representatives of the commercial fishermen.
  • One independent member.
  • One representative of the Recreation Commission.
  • One representative of CMI
  • One representative of CSCR
  • The Harbormaster to serve as a permanent ex-officio member.
  1. Montanna Cassel

    Sustainability Planner & Grant Coordinator

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Cohasset Harbor Committee

Member Position  Term Start Term End
George Baumgarten Chair 10/7/2021 6/30/2024
Susan Bryant Center for Student Coastal Research 12/21/2021 6/30/2024
Martin St. John Yacht Club Representative 2/27/2023 6/30/2025
Timothy C. Davis Member at-large 8/17/2021 6/30/2024
Lisa Hewitt Dick Cohasset Maritime Institution   6/30/2024
Lorren S. Gibbons Harbor Master- Ex-Officio   6/30/2025
Derrick Goodwin Recreation Commission Representative  7/11/2023 6/30/2026
Sean M. Kenealy  Sailing Club Representative  5/25/2023 6/30/2025
Michael Sardina Member at-large 10/7/2021 6/30/2024
Vacancy  Commercial Fisherman Representative    
Vacancy  Commercial Fisherman Representative    

Cohasset Harbor Infrastructure Planning (CHIP) Working Group 

Timothy C. Davis    
Michael Sardina    
George Baumgarten    
Lorren S. Gibbons Harbor Master- Ex-Officio  

Cohasset Harbor Governance (CHG) Working Group

Barbara Canney    
Lisa Hewitt Dick    
David Farrag    
Lorren S. Gibbons Harbor Master- Ex-Officio  
Deborah Shadd    

Cohasset Climate Resilience Initiative - 2022 - Summary & Videos

Summary Description:

The Cohasset Harbor Climate Resilience Forums are a series of public meetings targeted for early 2022 to explore climate resilience related to Cohasset harbor. Sponsored by Cohasset Harbor Committee in collaboration with Town of Cohasset’s Planning Director, Lauren Lind.

“Resilience is defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” In the context of climate change, resilience is the ability of a system or community to rebound following a shock such as a natural disaster. Building resilience requires not only recognizing potential hazards like extreme weather events, but also understanding the underlying vulnerabilities that may affect recovery from them.” (

Objectives of Forums:

1. Build consensus amongst various stakeholders, prioritize future actions, and increase knowledge of relevant data and available resources to inform action plans for climate-related issues related to Cohasset Harbor.

2. Complement town-wide “Climate Summit” targeted around spring/summer 2022, and whose scope may involve town committees including Alternative Energy, Open Space, Master Planning, Harbor and others.


FORUM #1 - January 25, 2022

Click the following link for the Town of Cohasset YouTube video of the January 25, 2022, Cohasset Harbor Climate Resilience Initiative Forum., “Exploring Potential Impacts of Extreme Weather Events on Cohasset Harbor"

FORUM #2 - April 11, 2022 

Click the following link for the Town of Cohasset Facebook Live video of the April 11, 2022, Cohasset Harbor Climate Resilience Initiative Forum., "Potential Impact of Extreme Weather Events on Town Infrastructure & Services near Cohasset Harbor"

FORUM #3- June 22nd, 2022

Click the following link for the Town of Cohasset YouTube video of the June 22, 2022 Cohasset Harbor Climate Resilience Initiative Forum A View from Beacon Hill: Climate-related Funding Opportunities

Presentation material for all of the above referenced forums can be accessed in the sections below. Please contact George Baumgarten, Lisa Hewitt-Dick or Tim Davis if you have questions or need additional information.

CHIP – Captain’s Walk Materials

 Forum 1, December 7, 2022 "Captains’ Walk Corridor Evaluation” (Survey of Border St & Margin St)