Department of Public Works


The Department of Public Works (DPW) is a town service organization with an overall Mission to maintain and preserve the Town of Cohasset's property, parks, and open space, along with the public way infrastructure which includes streets, sidewalks, signs, and catch basins. The DPW works together with various departments of the Town Government to accomplish these maintenance goals.

Aside from Town wide maintenance and preservation, the DPW is responsible for operating the Recycling Transfer Station in which they explore cost effective and environmentally responsible ways of recycling and disposal of refuse. The DPW helps protects the environment and maintains public health and safety standards through the management of road conditions and other variables that seasonal changes bring.


2023 Brush Days: 4/29, 5/20, 6/24, 7/29, 8/26, 9/30, 10/28, 11/18 

NOT acceptable on Brush Day: 

  • Stumps, Poison Ivy, Thorns, Yard Raking’s, Vines
  • Anything over 10 inches in diameter or under 1 inch in diameter


The Department of Public Works is responsible, but not limited to, the following:

  • Construction projects
  • Maintenance and repair of streets, sidewalks, and storm drainage systems
  • Maintenance and repair of vehicles and service equipment
  • Maintenance of parks, athletic fields, cemeteries, and off-street parking facilities
  • Sales and records of cemetery lots
  • Transfer of public refuse and recyclables
  • Sales of blue pay-per-throw bags
  • Snow removal and ice control
  • Maintenance and/or removal of town owned trees
  • Filling and maintenance of the fuel tank

Complete Streets Project - Town Common Pedestrian Improvements 

The DPW has received many calls about removal of trees that are brought down during a weather event.  Please read below for more information:

The Town DPW will cut up and remove any tree damage and debris from public streets within the public right of way. Damage of trees on private property adjacent to public streets are the responsibility of the private owner.

Private Streets and Ways

The Town will cut up fallen trees and move to the side of private roads for emergency vehicle access only. The private property owner of the tree is responsible for cleanup and removal of the debris. Please note that bylaw residents with frontage on Private ways own to the centerline of the street in front of the residence, and any damage or debris in that area is the responsibility of the private property owner in that location. If responsibility is unclear the cost may be shared by all abutters on the private way.

The Board of Selectmen may accept petitions from abutters of private roads to remove/cleanup damaged trees and assess a betterment to the abutters along the private way pursuant to the rules of the Private Way Betterment policy (located below).  

For questions on whether your street is a public or private way, please contact the DPW at 781.383.0273.

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