Online Banking to Pay for Town Bills

To pay a parking ticket, click here. 

To appeal a parking ticket, click here.

No appeals will be done in-person. 

“Non-preferred online payment processors may appear first in a Google search but UniPay, which can be accessed from our website, is our online payment processor. The timeliness of payments from other online processors can not be guaranteed and interest and fees will apply to late payments. Additional charges with no relation to the Town may also be charged by non-preferred processors.”

Online Payments & Online Personal Checks

Payments made through personal online banking create a live check, which is then forwarded via United States Postal Services (USPS). Postmarks are not accepted. Payments will be credited on the day they are received at the Treasurer/Collectors Office.

For immediate credit consider paying online directly to the Town of Cohasset through our online payment company, Unipay.  Online payments are credited as of the date they are correctly entered into the UniPay system.  To pay online, click here.
Payments can be made in person at the Town Hall to the Treasurer / Collector's Office during regular office hours.  For additional convenience, a payment Drop Box is located outside in front of Town Hall.  Please note that payments are picked up from the Drop Box twice a day.  Payments dropped after 3:30PM Monday - Thursday or after Noon on Fridays, will be credited on the following business day.  Late payments will accrue interest.  

All checks should be made payable to the Town of Cohasset and mailed in the enclosed return envelope or to 41 Highland Avenue, Cohasset, MA 02025.  When sending a check, please note the account, bill or registration number on the check.  Below, please find the list of bills paid through the Treasurer / Collector's Office: 

Pay Town Bills Online FEE CHANGE: as of 3/1/2021 UniPay is changing it's fees from 25 cents per transaction to 50 cents per cart.


Automatic Payments

UniPay is now offering residents an automatic payment option for real estate, personal property and water bills! This gives you the option to link your bank account to your Cohasset tax and water/sewer accounts to pay bills automatically and on time. To take advantage of this you will need to set up an account on the UniPay site, which can be accessed through the on line payment link on this page. During the payment process of the selected transaction type you will see Setup Automatic Payments. Click on that symbol and follow the instructions. Once your account is linked to a bill type, each time a new bill is issued, your account will be drafted for the total amount billed. You have the option to schedule your payment 3 days before, 5 days before, 7 days before or on the due date. You will receive an email notification 5 days before your scheduled payment date reminding you that your account will be debited. You always have the choice to cancel the payment if you wish. This is not available for motor vehicle or boat excise taxes.

​ Remember…. It is your responsibility to keep your email address and bank account  information current.

Account Numbers
By Bill Type

Boat Excise
     Account:  Registration Number
Motor Vehicle Excise
    Account:  Bill Number
Personal Property
    Account: Bill Number
Real Estate
    Account:  Parcel ID
Water & Sewer
    Account:  Account Number 

Drop Box Installed 2020

Drop Box New Installed 2020