The function of the Harbormasters Office is to ensure the safety of the beaching and boating public, and to be available at all times to assist the boating community in any need they may have. The Harbormaster also assists neighboring harbormasters and federal and local law enforcement agencies with search and rescue cases.

Responsibilities & Services

The Harbormaster is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:
  • Enforce state and federal boating laws and regulations
  • Enforces the Cohasset Harbor rules, regulations, and bylaws
  • Ensure safe and orderly use of the Harbor, Little Harbor, and the Gulf River
  • Maintaining and repairing Cohasset's docks, gangways, and walkways
  • Maintaining Harbormaster boats and Harbor Department Buildings
  • Provide pump out services for boat waste systems
  • Responds to boaters in need of assistance or in distress
  • Supervise the operations of Cohasset Harbor including mooring management and permitting
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Forms & Documents