Conservation Commission Office

Description & Mission

The Conservation Commission is responsible for administration of the Cohasset Wetlands Regulations and Bylaws, Stormwater Regulations and Bylaws, and the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. Through the administration and enforcement these regulations and bylaws, the Mission of the Conservation Commission is to promote proactive administration of environmental laws and policies, open space protection, wetland and water management and protection, promote environmental education, and to preservation of Cohasset's natural resources. The Commission works together with various departments in Town to ensure the regulations and bylaws are upheld. The Commission looks to improve the environmental integrity of the community while maintaining and improving the Town's current conservation areas.


The primary responsibility the Conservation Commission has is to administer and enforce the local and state Wetland and Stormwater Regulations and Bylaws, along with implementing management plans that go along with the regulations and bylaws. The Conservation Commission is also responsible for, but not limited to, the following:
  • Enforcing all applicable regulations and bylaws
  • Holding public hearings regarding the submitted applications
  • Maintaining Wetlands, Floodplains, and Resource Areas
  • Promoting environmental education
  • Reviewing Notices of Intent (NOI) applications
  • Reviewing requests for the Determination of Applicability applications for altering wetlands