Annual Town Meeting

The 2017 Annual Town Meeting is Monday, May 1, 2017 at the Cohasset Middle High School

Annual Town Meeting (ATM) will be Monday, May 1, 2017 at 7PM.  The meeting will be held at the Cohasset High School in the Sullivan Gymnasium.

To review the ATM schedule.  Please click here.  

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To see the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting please click here

To review the Town Manager's Motion for the May 1st, Annual Town Meeting, please click here.

Cohasset 143TV has hosted several shows on various Articles on the Town Meeting Warrant.  To reach Cohasset143TV

Article 1 – To read the Annual Town Report, please click here  (Large Document please be patient while it loads.)

Article 2 – There are currently no reports of Town Committees scheduled to be presented to Town Meeting

Article 3 – For more information on the proposed Sewer Rate increase, please click here 

Article 4 – For more information on the FY18 Budget, see the following FY18 Cohasset Budget Document 

Article 5 – The one bill of prior year relates to electric service for the Senior Center.  National Grid converted the gas bills properly to the Town after the building was purchased last spring, but apparently failed to properly transfer the electric bills to the Town.  This bill for $5,117.03 represents the 4th quarter of FY17.  Current bills have been properly transferred to the Town’s accounts.

Article 6 – The supplemental appropriation consists of three charges: the first, for $80,000, is to cover additional expenses for snow and ice removal and road treatment from this past winter; the second, for $25,175 represents the first payment for financing for the Bound Brook culvert replacement project – the State moved up the payment date into the current fiscal year, rather than FY18 as had been originally planned (the amount is unchanged); the third represents a small increase of $7,291 in Workers Compensation Insurance which was assessed during the year.

Article 7 – This annual article provides funding for three Town reserve funds and one Sewer Department fund.  The three Town funds are Capital Stabilization ($1,070,000); the fund to support retire health care expenses (OPEB) for $100,000; and $50,000 for the General Stabilization Fund to keep it funded to the levels set in the Town’s fiscal policies (for more on those policies, please see the Budget Document in Article 4).  The Sewer Department is seeking to transfer $600,000 currently available in two of the Department’s existing funds into the Sewer Capital Stabilization Fund for future capital needs. For more Information click here

Article 8 – For more information on the proposed Capital Improvements budget, please see the summary in the Warrant.

Article 9 – This Article brings Town revolving funds, which are used for self-supporting programs in Conservation, Food Safety, Elder Affairs, and Recreation, into conformity with new procedures adopted by the State last fall.  These new procedures will eliminate the need for annual renewal of the funds, requiring future Town Meeting action only if the amount in the fund is to be increased on a permanent basis.

Article 10 – This Article provides additional funds for Town road projects to supplement the annual Chapter 90 funding from the State (which in FY18 will be approximately $213,000).  

Article 11 – This Article funds the following four projects:  a new fire hose for the Fire Department; a new motor for the Town workboat; new equipment to enable live broadcasts and video training capabilities at the Senior Center; and matching funds from the Town to add to the $80,000 State grant received for a Cohasset Harbor Study.

Article 12 – This Article funds a water quality and fire safety improvement to the Town’s water system, which will allow the construction of a water pipe loop connecting South Main Street and Ledgewood Farm Drive.

Article 13 – This is an annual Article necessary to allow the Town to work with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection on any waterway related improvement or maintenance.   

Article 14 – This Article adopts several State property tax exemptions for veterans and low income elderly residents approved by the Board of Assessors.  

Article 15 – This Article funds a series of projects recommended by the Community Preservation Committee, utilizing funds generated by the Community Preservation Act.  For more information, please see the summary in the Warrant.

Article 16 – This Article allows the Treasurer/Collector to provide permit granting offices and boards with an updated list of delinquent taxpayers more frequently than the current once per year limit, allowing more updated information to be utilized when determining whether to withhold a permit based on failure to pay taxes.

Article 17 – This Article will place on 1-year moratorium on the opening of any marijuana establishment in Cohasset.  Since the adoption of the marijuana legalization referenda by State voters in November 2016, the State Legislature has been working to address fundamental questions involving the regulation of retail sale of marijuana and marijuana infused products.   This moratoria will allow the State to complete work on addressing the many open questions, allowing Cohasset to take local action based on more clearly established rules.  For more information on local efforts to regulate marijuana, please see the attached from the Massachusetts Municipal Association.  To review the Planning Board Public Hearing information, please click here

Article 18 – This Article clarifies language in Article IV/Section 21 of the General Bylaws to bring it into conformity with the Town Manager Act and Article IV/Section 3 of the General Bylaws regarding the positions of Finance Director and Town Accountant.  While one person may serve in both roles at the same time, the proposed amendments make it clear that the positions themselves are separate and not one combined position.     

Article 19 – This Article provides a refund to a sewer betterment paid for an undeveloped parcel of land. For More information click here

Article 20 – This Article modifies the Special Education Stabilization Fund approved at the 2016 Annual Town Meeting, bringing it into conformity with provisions in the Municipal Modernization Act adopted by the State in the fall of 2016.

Article 21 – This Article clarifies the existing powers of the Board of Selectmen to manage the repair of private ways, including by use of betterments.  This will also clarify the Board’s ability to adopt policies and procedures to formalize these powers granted by Massachusetts General Law.

Article 22-31 – Planning Information on these articles, Please click here .

Article 26 - To review the Zoning Board of Appeals Comments on this article, please click here.

Article 28 - To review the Zoning Board of Appeals Comments on this article, please click here.

Article 32 – At the request of its proponents, a motion for Indefinite Postponement will be offered at Town Meeting