Septage & Garbage


  • Enforce Title V of the State Environmental Code
  • Licensing Disposal Works Installers
  • Licensing septage haulers
  • Licensing Title V inspectors
  • Issuing Disposal works Construction Permits (DSCPs)
  • Reviewing plans an applications for DSCPs
  • Performing periodic inspections of septic systems under construction
  • Maintaining a log of all properties pumped in the Town of Cohasset
  • Maintaining a log of all operations and maintenance inspections and contracts for I/A systems in the Town
  • Witnessing percolation tests and deep hole soil evaluations
  • Makes rules and regulations for the removal, transportation, and disposal of garbage, offal, and other offensive substances
  • Issuing permits to waste haulers for the removal and transportation of garbage, offal or offensive substances when refuse has been collected in the Town
  • Making rules relative to dumpsters
  • Issuing dumpster permits
  • Enforcing local dumpster regulations