Boards & Committees A - G

  1. Advisory Committee

    The Advisory Committee consists of 9 members appointed by a committee consisting of the Moderator, Chairman of the Selectmen, and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee.

  2. Affordable Housing Steering Committee

  3. Alternative Energy Committee

    The Alternative Energy Committee (AEC) was formed during the summer of 2005 to examine alternative energy resources and how Cohasset may benefit from such resources.

  4. Board of Assessors

    Learn more about the work and supervision responsibilities of the Board of Assessors.

  5. Board of Health

    The Board of Health is a 3 member elected Board serving residents through the enforcement of health codes and the promotion of good public health practices.

  6. Board of Selectmen

    Under Massachusetts General Laws and the Town Manager Act, the executive powers of the Town are vested in the 5-member Board of Selectmen.

  7. Bylaw Committee

    The Bylaw Committee reviews any Article proposed in the Warrant for any Annual Town Meeting or Special Town Meeting which involves a change in or an addition to the Bylaws of the Town of Cohasset.

  1. Capital Budget Committee

    The Capital Budget Committee working with the Selectmen, Town Manager, the managers of each Town Department, and private citizens, provides the means and support for planning, evaluating, and financing capital expenditures.

  2. Cohasset Common Historical District Commission

  3. Community Preservation Committee

    The Committee studies the needs, possibilities, and resources of the Town regarding community preservation. The Committee consults with existing municipal boards.

  4. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission develops programs to preserve natural resources while protecting wetlands and watershed areas of the Town.

  5. Elder Affairs Board

    The Mission of Cohasset Elder Affairs is to offer outstanding programs and services that provide for the physical, social, and emotional needs of our older adults by assisting them to lead independent, stimulating, and self-reliant lives as members of the community.

  6. Government Island Advisory Committee

    The Government Island Advisory Committee keeps the Selectmen and the Town Manager advised of the condition of Government Island for the recreational use of Cohasset residents.