Departments P - Z

  1. Parking Clerk

    Learn more about the Parking Clerk including office hours and location.

  2. Paul Pratt Memorial Library

  3. Planning Board Office

    The Planning Board is focused on protecting and enhancing environmental, economic, and social quality of life in the community, for its residents and visitors alike.

  4. Police Department

    Cohasset Police Department Official Page

  5. Procurement

    The Town of Cohasset, acting through the Town Manager, as the Town's Chief Procurement Officer seeks proposals and bids from qualified firms to provide the Town with a high standard of work.

  6. Public Health Nurse

    The Public Health Nurse's Office is focused on ensuring good health and wellness to the community and a whole through the offering of wellness clinics, immunizations, public health education, and other health services free of charge to any and all residents of Cohasset.

  7. Public Schools

    Cohasset Public Schools are an inclusive, supportive, and provides a safe learning environment committed to excellence and growth.

  8. Recreation Department

    Cohasset Recreation Department

  1. Sewer Department

    The Sewer Commission Office is responsible for establishing and implementing the policies which manage the Town's sewage collection system and wastewater treatment plant.

  2. Selectmen's Office

    Under Massachusetts General Laws and the Town Manager Act, the executive powers of the Town are vested in the 5-member Board of Selectmen.

  3. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk's office is the first door of government accessed by individuals seeking information and resolution to issues and problems.

  4. Town Manager

    The Town Manager is appointed by the Board of Selectmen to oversee the daily operations of the Town, advise, administer the policies and procedures of the Board of Selectmen, and enforce Town bylaws and actions passed at Town Meeting.

  5. Treasurer / Collector

    The Treasurer Collector's Office strives to provide the highest level of customer service and support to all of the Town's constituencies, as well as satisfying the legal requirements set forth in the Massachusetts General Laws and the Town's Bylaws.

  6. Veterans Services

    For over 100 years, Veterans' Services Officers have provided a helping hand to anyone in the community in need of guidance or assistance in matters relating to military service.

  7. Water Department

    The Cohasset Water Department provides public drinking water to about 7,000 Cohasset residents with about 2,600 connections, 38 miles of water mains, 750 valves, and 400 hydrants.

  8. Zoning Board of Appeals Office

    Zoning regulates the use and dimensional boundaries of privately owned buildings and land.